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"I met Serena a few years ago. She's great. We always have a good time. Have taken her with me to Vegas a few times and she's great company and arm candy. She has a good attitude and is fun to be with. Well worth the money. thanks Serena."
~ AN

* * *

"I have known Serena for about 4 years now. I first contacted Serena when I was in the hospital and I needed someone to visit. Unlike other escorts, she agreed to visit with me, proving her personality is caring and sweet. She brightened up my day as we talked and had lunch.

After I was out of the hospital it was much easier calling Serena for a more intimate visit knowing what type of person she was. We spend our private time with a massage and after some cuddling. Our visits are never rushed and we always go out for something to eat after our private time.

I would obviously recommend Serena for either some good old fashion private time, or a nice dinner date.

Thanks Serena...see you soon."

~ EJ

* * *

"Where should I start... one day a few years ago, I came across Serena's website and I thought she may fit the profile of someone I would like to meet and take care of my fetishes/fantasies/needs/etc. So I called her up that day and we still have our fun to this day!!

There's a ton of good stuff I can say about Serena. Unfortunately I cant explain every little thing, but here are some important things you all should know.. Serena is very comforting, easy to get along with, great personality, playful, fun, good sense of humor, hot wardrobe, and last but not least.. She is sexy!! Others that I met before I even knew Serena had maybe a few of these qualities, but Serena has the whole package.

This is coming from a real picky person and I would definitely recommend Serena for some good time-out, fun and excitement.

Thank you Serena!"

~ TS

* * *

My life was not good than I came across Serena web site and she make life a lot better look forward to seeing her again she make me feel good about myself for that I want to say THANK YOU
~ JR

* * *

I met Serena when I was working out of town and found her very easy to connect with never felt rushed we were able to have a few dinners together and breakfast I have been volunteering to help out our eastern office with jobs ever since, just to get out that way to see her again. I've actually flown her out to BC when I couldn't get out her way. I so much enjoyed our visits she was amazing.
~ BM

* * *

I've never met anyone as sweet sexy and caring as serena. Serena is an amazing lady. I am a retired older gentleman who has an iceberg for a wife and serena always makes me feel wonderful every time I get to see her. I always recommend serena to friends who are in need of TLC.
~ WD

* * *

I found serena on her website. I wasn't going through a very good time in my life, dealing with some personal losses in my life. I liked her website ans pictures but I heard it's always a gamble out there. We talked on the phone ans she was straight up with me which means a lot to me because you never have to fear honesty. As a result of that meeting I see her fairly regular and never disappointed. I love meeting real people who read you honestly.

* * *

Serena is a awesome chick. I been seeing her few times now. Good times.

* * *

I've seen serena over the years in kenora. When she comes here I try to make sure our schedules match although sometimes it doesn't work. But i also see her in winnipeg every time I'm there. She's always so sweet and kind. Thanks serena.

* * *

Serena is a good girl. She's well known and not shady. I love seeing her because she genuinely cares about the people she meets.

* * *

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